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From April 10 , 2013 , the pizza for guests loyalty points system is introduced . Our main aim is to achieve higher guest satisfaction.The feedback received from ( ) clearly demonstrated that the worth of quality raw materials (eg . 100 % mozzarella ) work to do , because the quality of our food and pizza just received complaints per thousand of magnitude .In contrast, the most disappointing of the induced during the online ordering system does not always accounted for a 10% discount after the purchase , and we can not provide any benefits to the telephone order. By popular demand, the introduction of the loyalty points system is introduced in order to avoid these inconveniences . For these reasons, from April to activate loyalty point system, which is more accurate and fairer
accounting allows , and a lot of extra bonus opportunity for you !

Rules loyalty point system:

  • 1

    Loyalty points are credited for both online and telephone ordering system after the value of food and beverage purchases . All orders will be credited when the points are ordered pizzas , desserts , salads , soft drinks after .

  • 2

    A loyalty point value , 1 Ft for easy counting . ( We tried to find a solution which is clear , fair and easy to understand )

  • 3

    REMAINING, after online orders the 10% credit , which means that, in a 1090 HUF pizza order 109 points will be credited to you.

  • 4

    For compensation you need registration and login and if you order on phone we will switch to names and phone numbers.

  • 5

    The collected points to the value of one -to-one allowed to eat , but the composition of the collected points assigned to be achieved. ( Thus, in order to be a world champion Somlói to be appropriate to order the minimum price of 490 points collected in need . ) Installment therefore not possible . The points of packaging and shipping costs are not redeemed

  • 6

    The packaging and shipping costs , as well as promotional products will be credited with no points. The prices of the items on sale are calculated so that the price already includes the discount , the packaging and transport has also ensured the future and ensure cost.

  • 7

    You can use yor points for the next ordering. You have to click on the "Point pay" button when you would like to pay by points.Then the point is deducted from your balance , but do not have to pay for it.

  • 8

    Telephone call in case the credit value of the order of 5% . In case you order pizza 1090 HUF 55 points will be credited to you ( rounded up to the whole amount has not ended )

  • 9

    The current account upon entering the system information , or ask for information from the call center.

  • 10

    Two or more people in a custom loyalty points can not be combined


Our goal is to provide a fair and timely develop a discount system , which increases personal satisfaction! If you have any questions about the Loyalty Point System , please contact us by e- mail to: e-mail address ! If you have not left , We'll want to thank you for choose us every week !

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