Pizza Futár welcome you!

In the crowded market of pizzerias PF  team would like to expand the list of our offers by serving you a new and unusual opportunity. On this brand new page everybody got an opportunity to plan a pizza on his own by the way you couldn’t do it in any other pizzerias before.

Here we make your p. as you image and plan it to be. In this way if you choose more toppings, you get more of it, so the flavour at the end changes by your decision. The responsibility is yours! That is what we enjoy very much! Next we will give you some tips how to plan a pizza.

How to use the programme:

Next to the pasta you can find different bases. With the arrow you can choose one of them. After you have got you base, click on it and pour it on the pasta from the right pot. (Click with the pot above the pasta).

If you have finished you can put back the pot to the plate or you can still change the type of the base. At the end you only have to click on the topping what you like and move it above the pizza. When you order your pizza we will keep also the row and the measure of the toppings and bake it in that way.

If you put only a piece of each topping we will count with the whole price (e.g.  6 slices of ham equals 1 measure of it and if you put only one slice of ham on your pizza the programme will count 210 Fts for it).
The order of toppings:

If you would like to plan your pizza in the best flavour keep the following advices:

  • put the cheese on the pizza at the end
  • if you put different cold cuts on your pizza you will have to count with much salt, because meats like sausage, chuck steak, ham and salami together will be salty
  • put the sliced tomato above the cheese at the end, because it contains water vapour and make your pizza a bit wet, so maybe it won’t be well baked

This is a totally new page, so we are sure that some problems will appear at the first time or maybe not everybody can use the programme easily and some strange pizza will be created but feel free to call us on the well known telephone numbers  (+36-62-49-39-29, or on mobile phone: +36-30-600-12-22) with your problems or questions.  You can also tell us your new ideas or give advices on:

We are waiting for your ideas and good of bad critics to be able to solve our mistakes in the right way.

We wish you a joy full time with planning your pizzas!

PizzaFutár Team